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Let us be your vanguard in business and technological advancement. Our experts have worked across the globe and have exposure in startups as well as multinational companies, including fortune 500, private and public sector companies in Pakistan and beyond. Our experience is garnered across different business sectors and various projects, ensuring that your interests are in the best of hands. We have collaborations with some of the leading names in the industry and use our expertise and benchmark standards to provide you with cohesive, innovative and cutting edge solutions.

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International Collaborations

Bazcher & Co. LLP  we believe in sharing our knowledge, expertise and technology. By gaining insight from what other experts have to offer we improve and pitch in our own contributions.Our ventures, partnerships and collaborations across the globe along with our  approach towards teaming up with our experts ensures our customers have access to top notch resources at all times 


Why choose us

Cohesive Frameworks

Our best in class frameworks across our implementations, product development and service delivery ensure well planned,well designed, flexible and scalable solutions for our clients.These frameworks ensure strick quality control and superior documentation.


Why choose us

Innovation and Transformation

We believe in providing our customers with cutting edge solutions and believe that transformation and innovation across all business functions is our forte.


Why choose us


 We work with ideas that have been perfected by industry leaders and the best minds out there. 


Business and IT Experts

Years Of Experience

Satisfied Clients

Information Technology

Business Management Software

Bazcher & Co.  began as an idea……………………..


Do you want a feature rich web applicaton for online business management and product showcasing?

Do you want to transform your existing system into outsourced,distributed,cloud based model?

Do you want to engage your business in the open and dynamic economic order with an automated system fully capable of scaling and integrations?

Are you sick of tedious and error prone manual record keeping and transaction management?

Information Technology

Managed IT Services 

Bazcher & Co.  began as an idea….


Are your workstations trustworthy?

Do you want to trustworthy remote server Infrastructure?

You want your systems and networks to be remotely managed without the hassle of on premise administration?

Do you need backup,load sharing or balancing for your services?

Information Technology

Software Development 

Bazcher & Co.  began as an idea….


Do you have a requirement that is not being met by off the shelf solutions

Do you have an innovative idea that you want to implement using software?

Do you want to work on IOT?

Do you want an android or iphone app?

Information Technology

Websites & Ecommerce  

Bazcher & Co.  began as an idea….


Do you need a website to showcase your skills or products?

Do you want to transform your business with e-commerce capabilities?

Do you want a unique web presence?

Wondering if you can market your existing business online?

Do you need to market or manage your products on Amazon,Shopify or other e-commerce platforms?

Management Services

Startup Services  

Bazcher & Co.  began as an idea….


Have you ever wanted to be your own boss?

Have you ever wanted to be your own boss?

Do you have a vision that could change the future?

Are you brimming with ideas and want to do something about it?

Are you an entrepreneur?

Management Consulting 

Risk Management Services   

Bazcher & Co.  began as an idea….


Are your investments in line with your Company's investment committee strategy?

Have you hedged your foreign exchange and market risks?

Will you have enough assets to fulfill your business obligations?

Do any of your contracts pose a reputational risk?

Are your leads aware of how their operations effect the company's risk profile?

Management consulting


Bazcher & Co.  began as an idea….


Wondering where to park your funds?

Concerned about transfer pricing?

Should my assets be ring fenced?

How does international tax impact your cost?

Where to place your inventory and how to best route your transaction?

Where to place your inventory and how to best route your transaction?

Management Consulting

Process Re-engineering   

Bazcher & Co.  began as an idea….


Where to place your inventory and how to best route your transaction?

Do your credit terms require revision?

Is your asset utilization optimum?

Are you have with your structure?

Are your approval lines adding undue complexity?

Is your job force scheduled and engaged properly?

Business management services

Planing & Budgeting

Bazcher & Co.  began as an idea….


What should be your planning cycle?

How frequently should you be forecasting?

Does your budget instructions consider all financial and non financial drivers?

Are your budgeting templates inline with your management and financial reporting?

Have you considered the market and your competition while planning?

Is your management reporting helping your decision making?

Business management services

Accounting and Taxation

Bazcher & Co.  began as an idea….


Are your financials compliant with local and international standards ?

How is your financial reporting impacted by new laws and standards?

Are you ready for your audit?

Have you filed requisite statutory and tax returns ?

Are your documents sufficient for tax authorities?

Business management services

Governance, Policies & Procedures

Bazcher & Co.  began as an idea….


Are all your transactions being approved by the appropriate authority?

Does your company or management have the capacity to enter a certain transaction?

Do you need to refer to the board for a certain transaction?

Are your procedures and policies in line with the board delegation of authority?

When did you last update your policies?

Business Management Services

Business Cases & Proposals

Bazcher & Co.  began as an idea….


Have you conducted a SWOT analysis of the market and your competition while making a proposal?

Is your proposal compliant with the RFP?

Are you fulfilling scoring requirements of the contracting entity?

Have you budgeted for hidden costs in your proposal?

Have you considered taxation for the various components of your proposal?

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